In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, Men’s Journal recognized Town Branch’s Sherry Cask Whiskey as one of the Best Wine Cask-Finished Whiskeys Perfect for Food Pairings.

“Its new oloroso sherry cask-finished bourbon is the result of several years’ worth of experimentation by master distiller Mark Coffman, who blended a 26-barrel batch with several unique single barrels to create the final product. The ages of the whiskeys in the blend vary, but most are around six years old—which Town Branch says is its sweet spot.”

Susannah Skiver Barton, Contributing Author for Men’s Journal

Our Town Branch Sherry Cask is a part of our limited release of expressions to celebrate the 15th Annual Bourbon Heritage Month during September.  Both, the Sherry Cask and our True Cask Bourbon are available for purchase at our distillery, in addition to select markets nationwide.